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A-FOLD is an innovative project in the prefabricated construction sector, born five years ago thanks to the experience of Arealegno, a company owned by the Di Donato family with over 25 years of activity. It employs patented technology for module packaging, reducing costs and installation times, with a flexible and easily customizable modular system. The […]


A-FOLD houses on Sky's program StartUpper

A world to be discovered, that of homes designed by a startup that has a very large international market The time you have to wait for the construction or renovation of a house always seems endless and indeed there are many months that pass before you have the house ready turnkey. A-FOLD houses, a company […]

Sustainable Living: The MADErA Project’s Wooden Homes – A Faster, Cost-Efficient, and Eco-Friendly Approach

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The article discusses the MADErA project, focusing on sustainable housing with reduced construction time and cost. Guillermo Granero, a certified technical architect, shares his inspiration from a unique A-Frame design in France. Choosing the Italian company A-FOLD for its modular assembly system, Guillermo emphasizes the advantages of wooden construction, including speed, durability, and environmental benefits. […]

A-FOLD as guest on Kirsten Dirksen youtube channel

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After the 2009 earthquake in Central Italy left 40,000 people homeless, Nico D’Incecco and the team at A-Fold began thinking of how they could help provide quickly deployable shelters. In 2019, they released a house that unfolds in hours and provides anti-seismic security. The wooden houses are prefabricated, loaded onto trucks for transport, and unfolded […]

A-FOLD on Medium

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In a revealing interview with Nico D’Incecco, Sales Director at A-Fold Houses, the genesis of the innovative concept of foldable modular residential structures comes to light. Prompted by the seismic events of the 2009 Abruzzo earthquake, A-Fold embarked on a journey to design an earthquake-resistant dwelling. What began as a response to a crisis evolved […]

A-FOLD as guest of the Canadian TV ICI Television

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Recently our Sales Director Nico D’Incecco participated in the program “Vivere all’italiana” on ICI Television, Canadian multicultural TV, produced in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy in Montréal. Our modular wooden houses for residential use and glamping are once again a flagship of Made in Italy at the international level.

Interview with The Worlds Times

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Nico D’Incecco, Sales Director at A-FOLD Houses, shares insights in an interview with The Worlds Times. A-FOLD, founded in 1998, boasts over 25 years of experience in prefabricated construction. The company, initiated by CEO Giustino Di Donato and his sister Francesca, emerged from a family deeply rooted in the lumber industry since the 1970s. A-FOLD’s […]