Choose your A-FOLD prefabricated modular wooden houses facades

The facade of a house is the very image of the structure, expressing its physiognomy and particular aesthetic value. Together with other elements, it contributes to the architectural harmony of the structure.

Whether it is made of wood or a polyurethane and stone panel, choose the type you prefer from our range of prefabricated facades and complete your modular wooden house.

Wood facade, Spruce shingle boarding

The spruce cladding is made with wood from the best  European sawmills with PEFC and CE certification treated with anti-mold fungobactericidal product

The painting cycle is foreseen with a coat of impregnating agent and a coat of exterior finish with a wax base in order to make the wood water-repellent and protect it from bad weather and UV rays. Outdoor water-based painting offers numerous advantages: reduction of emissions of solvents into the atmosphere, excellent elasticity and resistance.

Technical specifications

  • boarding th. 25mm
  • treated with anti-mold fungobactericidal
  • painting with a water-based impregnating agent
  • external finishing coat a wax base
  • water repellent
  • UV resistant

Brick and stone facade, Polyuretane and stone panel (Optional)

The Classic Collection is made with stones of different types imitating classical coatings suitable for cottages. Our collection of panels that mimic the stone is an excellent choice when looking to reflect a serene environment. The panels are  resistant to all kind of weather conditions and they increase thermal and acoustic insulation With this kind of decorative panels you can make your dreams of having a traditional or rustic house combined with a modem touch come true.

Technical specifications

  • Crushed marble stone 4 mm
  • High density injected polyurethane 2-4,5 cm (EPS)
  • These components make it very resistant to all kinds of weather conditions
  • Excellent thermal, acoustic and anti-humidity characteristics.

Window facade (Optional)

The current generation of PVC profiles we use are among the best performing on the market. They are attractive, extremely resistant and require only minimal maintenance, being the best material for windows and doors.

The hardware used increases the strength of the window and the safety of your home. Then we present the advantages offered by the key elements of a window’s components.

Window facade with 82 mm profile

This is a six-chamber system which represents one of the most advanced technologies currently available in the sector of PVC frames. The construction depth of 82mm and the reinforcements with generous dimensions, and also the thermal and acoustic insulation properties obtained through the third gasket, bring this profile to the top of the sector performance.

Technical specifications

  • Profile bluEvolution class A on the external wall thickness of 3 mm
  • Available in the 6-chamber acoustic and thermal insulation variant
  • Acoustic insulation 48 dB from external noise
  • Construction depth of the profile: 82 mm
  • Thermal insulation of the profile: Uf = I, 142 W I m2K with standard reinforcement
  • E Ut=0.94 W/m2K con Thermtec
  • Theft resistance Class 2 {DIN V ENV 1627)
  • Estimated lifespan 50 years
  • Galvanized steel treated armor of minimum 1.5 -2 mm
  • lnsulating glass compatible: 44 mm {2 or 3 panes of glass)