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Model A of A-FOLD modular wooden houses

Particularly used to build resorts and glamping, the Model A of the A-FOLD modular wood homes represent an ideal second home where you can spend your days out of town and range from small sizes to more spacious types to accommodate large families.

Customise our Model A of the A-FOLD modular wooden houses

Once you have chosen the Model A  of our modular wooden house, you can choose the finishes you want to complete the house with, customising them according to your taste and needs:

Model A – Cabin
51,82 sqm

Within the A-FOLD wooden modular homes, this is the basic model and it could have various applications. Mainly used by tour operators to build resorts and glamping, CABIN is very well suited as a second home where to spend fantastic days out of town. The dimensions are 51.00 square meters.
*It is possible to add the balcony as an optional

Model A – Young
75,35 sqm

Although still popular as a holiday home, compared to other A-FOLD wooden modular homes, YOUNG could be a perfect solution for young couples that would like to own a property that can evolve with their dreams. The surface area is 75.00 square metres.

*It is possible to add a balcony as an option

Model A – Family
98,98 sqm

With its 3 bedrooms, this model has been named FAMILY not by chance. FAMILY provides a huge living space, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in 100,00 square meters. This modular home model is what we call smart way of living. 

*It is possible to add the balcony as an optional

Model A – Villa
122,40 sqm

Here is our flagship solution among our modular wooden houses, the largest Model A solution in standard production with its 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. VILLA can meet the needs of a large family but could also be customised for different purposes: playing with the huge spaces you can redesign VILLA according to your taste and dreams. With these modules, measuring 125.00 square metres, the possibilities are endless.

*It is possible to add the balcony as an optional

Veranda Balcony

The veranda balcony module allows you to expand the house toward the outside having two covered  spaces communicating with the interior giving you the pleasure of comfortably admiring the surrounding landscape. This module is applicable to all types (cabin, young, family, villa). The ground floor is about sqm.11,00 and the first floor about sqm10,00.

The latest Model A installation in France

Model A of the A-FOLD modular wooden houses: Virtual Tour

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