Roofs for A-FOLD glamping models

A-FOLD offers a wide range of roofs for glamping models, from metal roofs to roofs with bituminous tiles, which adapt to the style of the other architectural elements: complete the A-FOLD glamping model you have chosen, choosing between the isogrecata roof with the most modern shapes, or the traditional roof with bituminous tiles for a more classic design.

A wide range of roofs for every need

The roof is fundamental for a structure not only for thermal insulation: it defines the upper part of the structure and protects the internal environment from atmospheric agents and any animals.

All roofs for A-FOLD glamping models are available in numerous color shades, to ensure constructions tailored to tourist needs.


This panel guarantees high performance of buildings in terms of safety, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

It contributes to obtaining the prerequisites and credits for LEED and BREEAM certifications, the international standards that measure the efficiency and sustainability of buildings.

This type of roof is composed of a sandwich panel in isogrecate polyurethane, with a 5-grid profile and an internal centesimal support in aluminum.

Technical specifications

  • External support: pre-painted galvanized steel profile
  • Thickness profile 5/10 mm with 5 ribs
  • lnsulation: rigid polyurethane foam 30mm
  • Insulating thermal conductivity: À= 0,022 W/MK
  • lnsulating thermal transmittance: U= 0,71
  • lnsulating thermal resistance: R= 1,41
  • Operating temperature: -40°C/ +80°C
  • Internal support: embossed centesimal aluminum


The premium version of our roofs for glamping models A-FOLD represents the tradition of bituminous tiles, for the rectangular shape of its layers. These tiles offer unsurpassed qualities of resistance, flexibility of use and ease of installation, but above all a range of 6 different colors, able to enhance any type of roof. Extraordinary chromatic shades are available that allow you to enhance any roofing project. The wide choice of colors gives the opportunity to search for the style that best suits the culture of the piece or the architectural taste it intends to represent, from classic to modern.

Technical specifications

  • Bituminous compound: Tiajuana
  • Thickness: mm 3,3 +/-10%
  • Bitumen single layer: EN 544 g /m 2 > 1300
  • Single layer grit: EN 544 g /m 2 1400 +/-20%
  • Breaking load: MD!CMD EN 544 N/ 5 cm 1000/600
  • Fire behaviour: EN 13501-5 B roof (t1)