Floors for A-FOLD glamping models

Comfort, dimensional stability and easy maintenance are among the main requirements of a good floor. In A-FOLD you can count on a wide collection of floors for glamping models, according to your taste and needs.

A wide range of floors for every need

Choose a floor that enhances the natural beauty of wood, for a style in harmony with the other elements of the model you have chosen. Find out below all the floor options!


Choose the natural beauty of wood among the floors for solutions intended for glamping, without sacrificing the strength and long life of vinyl. The LVT floor offers comfort, exceptional dimensional stability and easy maintenance. This floor is created around a fiberglass heart that, together with its layered structure, including a calendered support in recycled material, forms a perfect base for printing and embossing the wood effect. The texture is printed with water-based inks.

Technical specifications

  • Total thickness: 3,2mm
  • Domestic use: EN-ISO 10874 c/ass 23
  • Thick wear layer:0,55mm
  • Slip resistance: DIN 51130 R9
  • Acoustic impact sound reduction: EN-ISO 717-2 15 dB
  • Light resistance: ISO 105-02 >6
  • Resistance to chemical: EN-ISO 26987 A
  • Reaction to fire: EN 13501 Bfl-s1,L,NCS
  • Allura is produced using 100% renewable energy
  • The Allura backing contains up to 60% recycled material


Mild, delicate and balanced: this type of floor for your A-FOLD glamping model offers a color palette with a tone-on-tone design and a slightly hinted mélange effect. The slight contrast of this elegant design helps to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Technical specifications

  • Total thickness : 3,2mm
  • Domestic use: EN-ISO 10874 c/ass 23
  • Resistance to chemical: EN-ISO 26987 Resistant to diluted acids, oi/s fats and to the conventional so/vents.
  • Bacteriostatic properties Marmoleum has natural bacteriostatic properties which are confirmed by independent laboratories
  • Cigarette resistance: EN 1399 There is no melting of the surface by cigarettes.
  • Slip resistance: DIN 51130 R9
  • Acoustic impact sound reduction: EN-ISO 717-2 < 6 dB
  • CO2 neutral: Marmoleum is produced CO2 neutral
  • Renewable electricity Marmoleum is manufactured using 100% electricity from renewable sources
  • Recycled content: Marmoleum contains recycled content
  • Reaction to fire: EN 13501-1: Cf/-s1,G,CS


Warm and refined, the pre-finished wooden floor is a best-seller among the materials used for the floors of the A-FOLD glamping models, thanks to its aesthetic features, with a color and a grain that allow it to be suitable for any type of environment, but above all thanks to its excellent resistance, stability and durability. Qualities that reward its daily use in environments subject to intense pressure. Hard and durable, it withstands shocks and traumas.

Technical specifications

  • Thickness: 15 mm
  • Noble wood layer thickness: 4 mm
  • Support wood layer thickness: 11 mm
  • Finishing with solvent-free water based paint
  • Hardness: 3,4 kglmm2
  • Reaction to fire: EN 13501 Bfl-s1


This soft velvet is the secret to an extremely soft bedroom or living room.

Its composition is entirely based on polyamide. The savings on energy costs are also considerable because compared to hard floors, carpet retains up to 12% more heat.

The carpet has a filtering effect, halves the dispersion of fine dust and allergens (pollen, mites …)  in the air.

Technical specifications

  • Structure: Velvet carpet
  • Composition: 100% Polyamide
  • Total thickness: 7 mm
  • Acoustic insulation: Lw 24 dB
  • Thermal resistance: 0.17 m2 e O I W
  • Reaction to fire: EN 13501-1: Cf/-s1