Model C of A-FOLD modular wooden houses

This model’s minimalist design is a rational answer to the modern living challenge. A real double stories building that can suits any kind of purpose from residential to commercial in a smart and functioning way. You can enjoy your spaces within an infinite range of possibilities that will surprise you day by day.

Customise our Model C of the A-FOLD modular wooden houses

Once you have chosen the Model C  of our modular wooden house, you can choose the finishes you want to complete the house with, customising them according to your taste and needs:

Model C – Cabin
59,37 smq

Within the A-FOLD wooden modular homes, this is the basic model that can be used for numerous purposes. Mainly used by tour operators to build resorts and glamping, Cabin fits very well as a second house too where you will spend amazing days out of the city.

*It is possible to add the balcony as an optional

Model C – Young
86,32 smq

Much appreciated as a holiday home, as other A-FOLD wooden modular homes, Young is the way for young couples who intend to grow by taking advantage of two rooms house.

*It is possible to add the balcony as an optional

Model C – Family
113,38 smq

With its  3 bedrooms, this model has been named Family not by chance. Family provides a huge living space, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. That’s what we call a  smart way of living.

*lt is possible to add the balcony as an optional

Model C – Villa
140,23 smq

Our flagship is the largest A-FOLD houses in standard production with its 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Villa can satisfy the needs of a  large family but it could be also customized for different purposes, playing whit the huge spaces you redesign Villa according to your spirit and your dreams.

*lt is possible to add the balcony as an optional

Veranda Balcony

The balcony module allows to expand the wooden modular houses towards the outside having two covered spaces communicating with the inside, offering the pleasure to admire comfortably the surrounding landscape. This module is applicable to all types of A-FOLD modular houses (Cabin, Young, Family, Villa).

Complete your Model C of a A-FOLD modular wooden houses with: