Easy Dom

Home automation systems for A-FOLD prefabricated wooden house

A-FOLD offers the optional Easy Dom box for a modular wooden house that combines high technological performance with maximum respect for the environment.

Add home automation systems such as a new generation, silent and energy efficient heating or cooling system to your modular wooden house.

For the production of hot water at a constant temperature even in extreme winter conditions, choose the VMC boiler with storage tank to be used in combination with solar panels.

Finally, transform your modular wooden house into a smart environment with one of our home automation kits: through a wall switch, a voice command or remotely, you can automatically manage all household activities.

Air heating/cooling system

This system is uniquely quiet and energy efficient, perfectly optimized air purification for minor applications.

The Console models only 199 mm thick, it has been designed to avoid accumulations of dust, made from the inside. The touch screen display allows monitoring and switching on the indoor unit.

The Console model combines high performance with maximum respect for the environment in which you live. The air speed can be adjusted in three different modes ensuring maximum comfort at all times. There are two different mandates for hot air. The hot air is diffused from the lower and upper side to make the room temperature uniform and avoid air stratification.

Multisplit system powered by new generation R32 refrigerant, equipped with double direct current (BLDC) rotary compressor and Smart lnverter system that allows the temperature to be reached quickly;

“console” type floor-standing indoor units with double air delivery to ensure uniformity of temperature and avoid stratification.

VMC (Optional)

Decentralized air extraction and intake unit with very high efficiency heat recovery with thermal efficiency up to 90%. lt is based on the so-called “push pull” operating principle, ie an alternating flow with a 60second flow inversion cycle. lt is equipped with a ceramic accumulator type heat ex­ changer which stores the heat of the extracted air in the extraction cycle (pull) and then transfers it to the air introduced during the injection cycle (push).

Compliant with EN 60335-2-80 , B.T. 2014/35 2014/30 / UE, EMC 2014 / UE.

Water heating system

Heat pump for the production of domestic hot water with storage tank with auxiliary coil for use in  combination with solar panels. Steel tank with double-layer vitrification with anti-corrosion magnesium anode to ensure the durability of the tank, condenser wrapped externally to the boiler free from encrustations and refrigerant contamination with oil-water, thermal insulation in high thickness polyurethane foam (PU) (42 mm). External covering in RAL 9006 gray plastic material, acoustically insulated plastic top cover, high efficiency compressor with R134a refrigerant, safety devices for high and low gas pressure. Electric heater available in the unit as a back-up (with integrated thermostat with safety at 90° C), which ensures hot water at a constant temperature even in extreme winter conditions. ON-OFF contact to start the unit from an external switch. Ability to manage an ON / OFF contact that allows the unit to be switched on when I have the production of a photovoltaic system, maximizing self-consumption and energy efficiency. Weekly disinfection cycle.

Technical specifications
  • Maximum water temperature 75 ° C
  • Minimum starting water temperature ° C 1O
  • Working environment temperature -1O ~ +43 ° C
  • Refrigerant type: R134a
  • Compressor: Rotary type
  • Fan motor: asynchronous motor type W 80 I RPM 1250
  • Nominal air flow: 450 m3 /   h
  • Air flow at 60 Pa: 350 m3 I h
  • Maximum allowable tank pressure bar: 1O
  • Auxiliary electrical resistance: kW 1.2
  • IP protect io n c/ass: IPX1
  • Sound power (2) dB (A]: 58.2
  • Sound pressure(3) dB (A): 42.8


The home automation kit transforms the A-FOLD houses in a smart environment. Lights, scenarios, heating and security will be  intuitively controlled. Through a wall switch, a voice command or remotely via smartphone tablet or PC all domestic functions con be managed automatically according to a scheduled time, using the astronomical clock, or recalled by simply pressing a button.

The BASIC kit is included and others kit, COMFORT or VIP are  Optional.

Basic – Lights automation
  • O2IP Station MG Wireless, dual LAN and USB port
  • Removable Battery-less Wireless control stations
  • Outlet 10-20 A
  • Led lightning strip 12-24 volt 3300/5300 Kelvin
  • Wi-Fi light management switch
  • Wireless Harvesting Receiver Dongle
Comfort – Basic automation: A/C, lights and power (Optional)
  • O2IP Station MG Wireless, dual port LAN e USB
  • User activation relay
  • Single-phase energy meters
  • Removable Battery-less Wireless control stations
  • Outlet 220 V 10-20 A
  • Led lighting strip 12-24 volt 3300/5300 Kelvin
  • Wi-Fi switch for lighting management
  • Temperature sensor
  • Wireless Harvesting Receiver Dongle
  • Wi-Firelay device T3R Wi-Fiinterface
  • APP Mobile
VIP – Automation sloot: A/C, lights, power, audio, automation, automation windows and air quality (Optional)
  • Light panel dimmerable smart multimedia gateway
  • User activation relay
  • Single phase energy meters
  • Removable battery-less wireless control stations
  • Outlet 10-20 A
  • Led lighting strip 12-24 volt 3300/5300 Kelvin
  • Wi-Fi switch for lighting management
  • Wireless Harvesting Receiver Dongle
  • Wi-Fi relay device T3R Wi-Fi interface
  • Temperature sensor
  • Wireless magnetic sensor for window control
  • Smoke sensor
  • Air quality sensor Co2-PM
  • Video door entry system
  • APP Mobile