Sustainable Living: The MADErA Project’s Wooden Homes – A Faster, Cost-Efficient, and Eco-Friendly Approach

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The article discusses the MADErA project, focusing on sustainable housing with reduced construction time and cost. Guillermo Granero, a certified technical architect, shares his inspiration from a unique A-Frame design in France.

Choosing the Italian company A-FOLD for its modular assembly system, Guillermo emphasizes the advantages of wooden construction, including speed, durability, and environmental benefits. Despite higher material costs, the efficiency in construction time and labor makes wooden homes competitive. The patented modular system allows rapid assembly, with Guillermo’s two-story house completed in just five days.

Challenges during assembly were overcome, showcasing meticulous sealing for insulation. The house achieves stable temperatures year-round through insulation, thermal bridges elimination, triple-glazed windows, airtightness, and a dual-flow ventilation system with heat recovery. Guillermo advocates for embracing such sustainable homes, highlighting wood’s resilience, recyclability, and eco-friendly properties. He emphasizes the evolving cultural shift toward wooden construction, drawing inspiration from Northern European practices.

Personally, Guillermo appreciates the warmth and tranquility of his wooden home, both for telecommuting and newfound professional opportunities in the Maslow homes project.

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