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A-FOLD on Medium

In a revealing interview with Nico D’Incecco, Sales Director at A-Fold Houses, the genesis of the innovative concept of foldable modular residential structures comes to light. Prompted by the seismic events of the 2009 Abruzzo earthquake, A-Fold embarked on a journey to design an earthquake-resistant dwelling. What began as a response to a crisis evolved into a full-stack home plan.

The A-Fold Houses stand out for their exceptional quality and affordability. These pre-fabricated foldable wooden homes prioritize energy efficiency, boasting natural elements and advanced technology for optimal performance. The houses offer acoustic insulation, durability against seismic events, and quick, easy installation.

The construction process involves three major stages: designing, building, and swift delivery/installation, with a focus on using premium quality wood and a mineral fiber ideal for insulation. A-Fold Houses provides three distinct models – Model A, Model C, and Model T – each catering to different preferences, from classic A-frame designs to minimalist and modern trapezoidal structures.

A-Fold Houses, operational for 25 years, have expanded their reach beyond Italy, offering their high-quality homes across Europe and recently shipping to the USA. Unlike some competitors who merely resell, A-Fold Houses takes pride in building 80% of their houses in their factory, ensuring quick installation.

Despite challenges such as compliance with local building standards and transport costs, A-Fold Houses remains committed to providing safe, cozy, and convenient pre-fabricated foldable wooden housing solutions. The company continuously strives to enhance its products and contribute to a more sustainable and comfortable living experience, showcasing resilience and dedication to innovation.

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