A-FOLD houses on Sky's program StartUpper

A world to be discovered, that of homes designed by a startup that has a very large international market

The time you have to wait for the construction or renovation of a house always seems endless and indeed there are many months that pass before you have the house ready turnkey.
A-FOLD houses, a company of the Arealegno group present in the timber construction sector since 1998, gives you a totally revolutionary service.
Nico D’Incecco, sales director, tells us about this particular business.

Five years ago, the A-FOLD houses project began, the idea was to be able to offer buyers a residence that was sustainable and affordable from an environmental, social and economic point of view.
To do this, the company imagined a modular house that could be packed and transported by road or container to shorten construction times as much as possible and be able to offer a product with certain quality, time and costs. The installation of a house of about 150 square meters could take place in a maximum of 15 days. A utopia in the world of ordinary construction.

What we are talking about is a turnkey service that starts from architectural and structural design, passes through production and transport and arrives at the installation and warranty on the property.

There are many private individuals in Europe that turn to the company, but its core business is B2B in the real estate and tourism sector and its market is very large. This type of house has allowed installations throughout Europe, where the business is very consolidated, but also in North and Central America, where there are already several installations in Michigan, and in Panama.

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