The first A-FOLD modular wooden house in Spain

A-FOLD also conquers Spain with the first modular wooden house. Prefabricated modular wooden houses are the perfect alternative to traditional housing while maintaining high standards in terms of design, functionality, sustainability, and durability, and they are having success throughout Europe. The comfort and contemporary, minimalist design of the Model T was chosen for the first […]

A-FOLD as guest of the American talk show Dave Cooper LIVE

On Wednesday, April 20 at 7:00 p.m., A-FOLD modular wooden houses will be featured on Dave Cooper LIVE, an American online talk show that aims to share innovations in the world of construction with builders, bankers, entrepreneurs. It offers the industry players a glimpse into the future of construction. The innovative A-FOLD project continues to […]

A-FOLD launches the new catalogue of modular wooden houses

modular wooden house new catalog

A-FOLD launches the new catalogue of modular wooden houses. With a new graphic design, the A-FOLD catalogue contains all models of modular wooden houses with their technical drawings and contact details of Partners & Experts around the world. The sections of the new A-FOLD catalogue retrace the process of building a custom home, from the […]

A-FOLD launches the new model of prefabricated wooden house Model C

Modular wooden house Model C

The A-FOLD prefabricated wooden house has a new form: the Model C. The minimalist design of this prefabricated wooden house model responds to the challenges of modern living. Durable, versatile, sustainable, and of design, it has nothing to envy the Model T and Model A. A two-story living solution that can adapt to any application, […]

How living in a modular wooden house promotes energy savings

energy savings prefabricated wooden house

Living in an A-FOLD modular wood house can promote energy savings. We’ve compiled a few reasons why below. When the building material reduces consumption. A modular wooden house, if built according to environmentally friendly guidelines, can ensure significant savings on energy bills, as well as high efficiency. The energy savings of a house are primarily […]

A-FOLD’s prefabricated wooden house becomes an office

Prefabricated wooden house | Prefabricated office

A-FOLD’s modular wooden house shows enormous versatility in covering a wide range of applications. In the latest installation in central Italy, in the province of Ancona, a Model T + Balcony Veranda cabin was transformed into an office. The structure was assembled in just twenty days, and is fully eco-friendly, installed on screw foundations. Afold […]

6 ways to live sustainably

live sustainably

When you choose to live sustainably, you realize how many things are unnecessary. There are many ways to live in a way that respects our host environment, and we can all contribute in our own small way to reduce our environmental impact. Living (humanely) sustainably is easier than you think, with small daily choices, without […]

The success of A-FOLD modular wooden house in France!

modular wooden house France

Italian excellence flies to France where the first modular wooden house by A-FOLD is implemented. These types of houses represent a revolution for the building sector: they are extremely functional and characterized by high quality architectural projects. Modular prefabricated wooden houses, therefore, are a valid alternative to traditional constructions, in line with the evolution of […]

10 reasons to buy a modular wooden house

why buy modular wooden house

One of the most common questions we get asked is “Why should I consider a modular wood house instead of a traditional one?“. We answered this by presenting the advantages: 1) A-FOLD’s wood modular home is built quickly, their construction process is less complicated and time consuming than a traditional home. 2) It is built […]

A-FOLD launches the new Model T modular wooden house

Modular wooden house model t

The Model T modular wooden house by A-FOLD is a house appreciated by both young couples and large families because of the variety of sizes available depending on the needs of design, space and comfort. It has a distinctive and modern geometric shape, which lends itself very well as a vacation home when you want […]