A-FOLD gains PEFC Certification

As a forest raw material processing company, at A-FOLD we are proud to have gained PEFC Certification, which confirms our attention and commitment to environmental protection in the construction of prefabricated wooden houses. What is PEFC Certification? Forest certification is a voluntary tool implemented through two separate but related processes: sustainable forest management certification and […]

A-FOLD selected for Médinit Expo: Italian design in the world

A-FOLD has been selected as one of the 15 companies that will participate in Médinit Expo, an exclusive international design exhibition, to be held in Casablanca on October 19 and 20. Médinit Expo: an opportunity for B2B Médinit Expo is an opportunity to introduce Made in Italy design to the Moroccan market, one of the […]

The durability of a modular wooden house

How long does a wooden house last? Is the lifespan of a wooden house comparable to that of a late concrete or steel structure? These are two of the most frequent questions we are asked by our clients and more generally by those who decide to approach the construction of a wooden building. In order to […]

Chlorophyll photosynthesis 6 CO2 + 6 H2O and wooden houses

Not only does A-FOLD build beautiful, durable, and energy-efficient prefabricated modular wooden houses, but it also takes concrete action every day to preserve the most important resource the planet has given us: oxygen. Choosing to build a prefabricated wooden house has several advantages in terms of environmental impact, thanks to the characteristics of the material […]

8 tips for a sustainable holiday

Choosing to live sustainably can bring numerous benefits for both the environment and personal well-being. At A-FOLD, we know how important it is not to let our guard down and to continue, or take the opportunity to start, implementing sustainable behaviors even on vacation. So let’s share a short decalogue of 8 tips for a […]

A-FOLD was chosen as one of the most innovative companies in the be IT campaign

We are proud to have been selected as one of the most innovative companies for the “Italy is simply extraordinary: be IT” campaign of Nation Branding of Made in Italy, organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. An example of Italian sustainability A-FOLD prefabricated wooden houses are folding, sustainable and modular, energy-efficient, safe and […]

Check out the 2022 outdoor design trends!

With the arrival of the quintessential warm season, we want to celebrate being in touch with nature by sharing some tips on how to experience outdoor spaces in line with current outdoor trends, perhaps in a modular wooden house. Check out the outdoor design trends of summer 2022 below! Outdoor living rooms A trend in […]

The first A-FOLD modular wooden house in Spain

A-FOLD also conquers Spain with the first modular wooden house. Prefabricated modular wooden houses are the perfect alternative to traditional housing while maintaining high standards in terms of design, functionality, sustainability, and durability, and they are having success throughout Europe. The comfort and contemporary, minimalist design of the Model T was chosen for the first […]

A-FOLD as guest of the American talk show Dave Cooper LIVE

On Wednesday, April 20 at 7:00 p.m., A-FOLD modular wooden houses will be featured on Dave Cooper LIVE, an American online talk show that aims to share innovations in the world of construction with builders, bankers, entrepreneurs. It offers the industry players a glimpse into the future of construction. The innovative A-FOLD project continues to […]

A-FOLD launches the new catalogue of modular wooden houses

modular wooden house new catalog

A-FOLD launches the new catalogue of modular wooden houses. With a new graphic design, the A-FOLD catalogue contains all models of modular wooden houses with their technical drawings and contact details of Partners & Experts around the world. The sections of the new A-FOLD catalogue retrace the process of building a custom home, from the […]