Check out the 2022 outdoor design trends!

With the arrival of the quintessential warm season, we want to celebrate being in touch with nature by sharing some tips on how to experience outdoor spaces in line with current outdoor trends, perhaps in a modular wooden house.

Check out the outdoor design trends of summer 2022 below!

Outdoor living rooms

A trend in outdoor furniture that is gaining momentum is to create real living rooms in the outdoor areas of one’s home, sharing spaces equipped with all the comforts, as indoors.
In gardens we will increasingly see sets of outdoor armchairs and coffee tables, perhaps placed under a porch or veranda.

Designer lighting

Among outdoor trends 2022, lighting has its own importance and retains its main function. Lighting the outdoor table or living room where you can spend pleasant and cool summer evenings is essential. There are many solutions, just choose the one you prefer for more efficient lighting of outdoor spaces.


Minimalism is an evergreen that never goes out of style.
Outdoor furniture for the summer season will also feature cleaner and more essential forms, typical of the Scandinavian style, without sacrificing comfort.

Natural materials

This year, sustainability is also becoming increasingly important for outdoor spaces in the home.
Natural materials for furniture, accessories and textiles are a must: wood and natural fibers in different shades and types will decorate furniture and accessories of various kinds, allowing the garden and other outdoor spaces to be enjoyed as well.

Continuous sharing outdoors

The table set on the terrace and in the garden, thanks to the colors and scents of flowers and plants, can add a touch of style to any outdoor setting.
Spending pleasant moments outdoors, sitting around a table and sharing a good meal or sipping cool drinks, creates a sense of continuity with the interior that can infuse comfort to all guests.
It is here that sustainable furnishings, with natural fibers, wood and furnishings such as fruit crates, could find a place.

Summer will officially break out in the coming days. If you’ve followed all our tips, you’re ready to enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces in comfort and design!

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