A-FOLD was chosen as one of the most innovative companies in the be IT campaign

We are proud to have been selected as one of the most innovative companies for the “Italy is simply extraordinary: be IT” campaign of Nation Branding of Made in Italy, organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

An example of Italian sustainability

A-FOLD prefabricated wooden houses are folding, sustainable and modular, energy-efficient, safe and acoustically insulated houses that combine the architectural merit of Italian design with high functionality and are built in a shorter time than traditional constructions.

One of the greatest advantages of A-FOLD modular wooden houses is the certainty of investing in a sustainable construction process from start to finish. Since construction does not take place outdoors, the environmental impact of construction is reduced, reducing air, water and noise pollution. In addition, A-FOLD houses give the option of integrating solar panels, inverters and lithium-ion batteries for energy storage, becoming completely energy-independent homes.

Automation is another innovation of A-FOLD modular wooden houses. In addition to saving money, automation can really have an impact on energy efficiency and waste reduction. A-FOLD’s Easy-Dom package is designed to do just that: home automation makes an A-FOLD home smart in many ways, from heating and cooling with state-of-the-art silent systems, to a boiler that produces hot water at a constant temperature even in extreme winter conditions, to home automation kits to intelligently manage all household activities.

Nico D’Incecco, Sales Director of A-FOLD, talks about the innovation of these modular wooden houses in the following video.

Find out more by visiting: https://madeinitaly.gov.it/sustainability/

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