A-FOLD as guest of the American talk show Dave Cooper LIVE

On Wednesday, April 20 at 7:00 p.m., A-FOLD modular wooden houses will be featured on Dave Cooper LIVE, an American online talk show that aims to share innovations in the world of construction with builders, bankers, entrepreneurs. It offers the industry players a glimpse into the future of construction.

The innovative A-FOLD project continues to attract great interest worldwide as it responds to the current challenges of mobility and sustainability.

In a sector such as construction, strongly influenced by new lifestyles, A-FOLD stands out for the distinctive features of its modular wooden houses:

  • High quality materials to ensure durability, sound insulation, high energy performance and low environmental impact.
  • Fast construction time: the houses are easily folded, loaded and installed on site. The construction process is less complicated and takes less time than traditional houses.
  • Sustainability, thanks to raw materials obtained from FSC forests and low environmental impact systems installed in the houses (solar panels, heat pumps, etc.).
  • Resistance: the construction techniques are designed to give the entire house structure the flexibility needed to disperse the telluric tremor energy in case of earthquakes.
  • Versatility: A-FOLD houses can become residences, vacation homes or offices depending on the needs. Moreover, the wood adapts perfectly to any type of scenery in which they are placed, from the sea to the mountains.
  • Combination of functional performance with the excellence of 100% Italian design.


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