How living in a modular wooden house promotes energy savings

energy savings prefabricated wooden house

Living in an A-FOLD modular wood house can promote energy savings. We’ve compiled a few reasons why below.

  • When the building material reduces consumption. A modular wooden house, if built according to environmentally friendly guidelines, can ensure significant savings on energy bills, as well as high efficiency. The energy savings of a house are primarily related to its construction materials. A-FOLD’s modular wooden houses have an excellent level of breathability that allows for the creation of dry and healthy living spaces. Thanks to the properties of wood, heat dispersion is close to zero, because the heat “bounces” between the walls of the house, ensuring excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation and, consequently, also in economic terms.
  • More energy efficiency with photovoltaic panels. Modular wooden houses are the result of a new construction approach: new lifestyles are increasingly influencing the development of new energy efficient housing solutions all over the world. In A-FOLD we offer the possibility to install photovoltaic systems on your modular wooden house: by adding solar panels, inverters and lithium-ion batteries for energy storage, your house can become energy independent and can generate significant savings.
  • Energy efficient heating. Optimizing the control of energy consumption through the use of automated solutions is one of the main ways to achieve savings and energy efficiency in the home. Our Easy-Dom package is designed precisely for this: home automation makes A-FOLD modular wooden houses smart also from the point of view of heating, with an automated management of silent and latest generation air heating systems that quickly reach the right temperature, keeping the environment warm and avoiding dispersions.
  • Guaranteed energy savings with the right finishes. Another aspect is the careful choice of the finishes of the house, from facades to floors. They play a fundamental role in the thermal insulation of a house and can affect energy consumption. In A-FOLD we build modular wooden houses using the most advanced technologies available on the market: all our collection of facades, roofs and floors is designed with great attention to the smallest details to contribute to the energy efficiency of the whole house.

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