A-FOLD launches the new model of prefabricated wooden house Model C

Modular wooden house Model C

The A-FOLD prefabricated wooden house has a new form: the Model C. The minimalist design of this prefabricated wooden house model responds to the challenges of modern living. Durable, versatile, sustainable, and of design, it has nothing to envy the Model T and Model A. A two-story living solution that can adapt to any application, from residential to commercial, in a smart and functional way.

As with the other A-FOLD prefabricated houses models, the options to choose from are:

Model C Cabin 42,00sqm
Model C Young 65,00sqm
Model C Family 87,00sqm
Model C Villa 110,00sqm

After choosing the type of Model C to build your prefabricated wooden house, you can choose with which elements to complete the house, customizing them according to your tastes and your needs with: finishes, windows, doors, bathroom furniture, technologies and packages.

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