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The restyling of the new A-FOLD website

With the restyling of the A-FOLD website, born from the need to give visibility to all the innovative housing solutions, the company has a new online image. The new showcase is strongly oriented to an end user who is more and more connected, with a user-friendly navigation, a reorganized menu enriched with content and a graphic design that expresses the aesthetic value of modular wooden houses, while maintaining continuity with the past.

The features of the restyling of the A-FOLD website

In the new A-FOLD website the navigation is easy and intuitive, starting from the well-structured menu, where the new features of the restyling are evident:

  • On the homepage the first novelties are immediately visible: a “News” section and a “Social Wall” always updated.
  • In the “About us” section, the company is presented and the revolution it has brought to the modular home sector is described.
  • The heart of the restyling of the website is the section “Models” enriched with content, which presents the basic models of the A-FOLD house and all the combinations of finishes and additional elements that can be customized according to the housing needs of the final consumer.
  • The new section “Why A-FOLD house” enhances all the peculiarities that distinguish A-FOLD solutions and their construction process, with the possibility to consult the “FAQ” with qualified answers to the most frequently asked questions of those who intend to buy their first A-FOLD house.
  • Finally, the sections “A-FOLD Partners” and “A-FOLD Experts” present the network of partners and distributors of A-FOLD products around the world and their contact information.

The A-FOLD website is user-friendly

In order to provide best navigation to users, the content of the website is concise and immediate. With the use of responsive technology, the site is navigable from any device from which users connect.

Discover the restyling of the A-FOLD website!

With the new A-FOLD showcase from today users can discover online all A-FOLD solutions and start to configure the modular wooden house tailored to their housing needs.

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