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A-FOLD modular houses in Texas as disaster recovery alternative housing

A-FOLD Houses is an Italy-based company that uses a patented prefabricated modular structure that can fold into transportable compact units. The construction process takes between two to three days. The model utilizes a two-level design. Distribution in the United States is facilitated by Freedom Resource Group.

A-FOLD Houses submitted four units to the Disaster Recovery Alternative Housing Study Findings Report, ranging from 377 to 934 square feet in size.


  • The patented modular system allows for multiple units to be transported
  • Foldable design enables rapid
  • The design is intended for a dignified, modern home that is available in multiple
  • The largest unit size (Villa) can be divided into two apartments.


  • Manufacturing capability is based in Europe will require additional investment to establish a reliable supply chain to target
  • While the design is modern and dignified, it may not align with traditional architectural designs in some Texas communities.

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