6 ways to live sustainably

live sustainably

When you choose to live sustainably, you realize how many things are unnecessary.

There are many ways to live in a way that respects our host environment, and we can all contribute in our own small way to reduce our environmental impact.

Living (humanely) sustainably is easier than you think, with small daily choices, without sacrificing comfort.

1) Reduce plastic use in the home. As all guides on sustainable living indicate, to protect ourselves and the Earth, reducing plastic consumption is an important change that must be made. Here are some simple ways to reduce plastic use: prefer reusable bags, drink in reusable water bottles, don’t use disposable razors, avoid takeout whenever possible.
2) Save water at home. Water is one of the most precious resources on earth and plays an important role in our lives: less than 1% of that water is available for human use. Here are some small steps to reduce your environmental impact: turn off the faucet when you don’t need it, with a low-flow shower head you save over 60% of the water normally used in showers.
3) When home workouts are sustainable. Exercising outdoors surrounded by nature not only saves money, but also brings great mental health benefits. You don’t have to go all over town to work out, all you need is a comfortable porch where you can exercise.
4) Get the most out of solar energy. Building homes that make better use of solar energy is an eco-friendly trend that is spreading all over the world. Every home has an environmental impact, and making it more energy efficient is a big step toward reducing your carbon footprint. Investing in efficient photovoltaic technology can not only help the environment. but also substantially increase the value of your home. At A-FOLD, we offer the ability to install photovoltaic systems in your home: adding solar panels, inverters, and lithium-ion batteries for energy storage.
5) A-FOLD home is a smart home. Automating your home is just one of many ways to make the most of your smart appliances. In addition to saving money automations on reducing waste. Our Easy-Dom package is designed to do just that: home automation makes the A-FOLD home smart in many ways, from heating and cooling with new generation silent systems, to a boiler that produces hot water and constant temperature, to home automation kits to intelligently manage all household activities.
6) Choose sustainable shopping. Recently, even fashion brands have turned their attention to sustainability, driven by a growing number of users who see the sustainability of products as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Here are some examples to reduce your environmental impact: avoid Fast Fashion brands, these brands often use greenwashing trying to convince that their clothes are greener than they really are. Don’t throw away clothes for no reason, most of the fabrics in landfills are products of the fashion industry.

Now it’s up to you to do your part!

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