As licensees, developers and producers of Madi home our products have had a great media prominence.

“….might have found a solution to the UK’s housing shortage”

New York Post, November 2017

“While style isn’t a necessity, … has managed to make these tiny homes extremely sleek looking”

Independent, November 2017

“is an ingenious flat pack home […] which boasts plenty of open plan living space in a tiny house frame”

The Sun, May 2018

“The peculiarity is that it does not require foundations”

Ilsole24ore, February 2018

“not only sustainable, but designed to last”

New Atlas, November 2017

“A brilliant alternative to traditional housing”

Architecture Design, November 2017

“This construction unfolds into a home in just hours”

Mashable, November 2017

“looks like an ordinary house, but everything underneath the exterior is the complete opposite of ‘simple’”


“The prefabricated, earthquake-resistant house could come in handy in disasters”

Business Insider, January 2018

“Flat-pack home can be assembled in six hours”

Dezeen, January 2018

A-FOLD Houses ® 2020

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We are the pioneers of foldable and modular prefabricated houses.

A-Fold constantly develops its product thanks to its technical office with over twenty years of experience and its modern production plant.

We are the only ones who research, develop, manufacture and sell their products.