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Interview with The Worlds Times

the world time interview

Interview with The Worlds Times

Nico D’Incecco, Sales Director at A-FOLD Houses, shares insights in an interview with The Worlds Times. A-FOLD, founded in 1998, boasts over 25 years of experience in prefabricated construction. The company, initiated by CEO Giustino Di Donato and his sister Francesca, emerged from a family deeply rooted in the lumber industry since the 1970s.

A-FOLD’s mission is to revolutionize affordable prefabricated buildings through smart designs and innovative manufacturing processes. They employ groundbreaking technology to create modular homes that unfold into high-quality, sustainable living spaces, adaptable for various purposes. With a focus on green building, the company integrates traditional craftsmanship with technological innovation.

Facing challenges such as the pandemic-induced crisis and rising raw material costs, A-FOLD remains resilient and visionary. Nico emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainability, both environmentally and socially, with a vision of making housing solutions affordable for all. A-FOLD’s innovative response to a severe earthquake in 2009 laid the foundation for their adaptable building technology.

Looking ahead, A-FOLD aims to consolidate its global presence, having expanded from Italy to the USA, Central America, Europe, and the Middle East. The company is set to introduce glamping lines and a foldable mobile home, showcasing its commitment to innovation and environmental consciousness.

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